Game of Thrones et la politique américaine de 2016

Pour Emily Nusbaum du New Yorker, la saison 6 de Game of Thrones est, par plusieurs aspects, une allegorie de la politique americaine de 2016 :

Season 6, which ended Sunday, has felt perversely relevant in this election year. ILLUSTRATION BY SAM BOSMA

«Season 6 … felt perversely relevant in this election year. It was dominated by debates about purity versus pragmatism; the struggles of female candidates in a male-run world; family dynasties with ugly histories; and assorted deals with various devils. George R. R. Martin surely didn’t intend his blockbuster series of fantasy books … to be an allegorical text for U.S. voters in 2016. But that’s what you get with modern water-cooler dramas, which so often work as an aesthetic Esperanto that lets us talk about politics without fighting about the news.»

Lire l’article : The Westeros Wing – The New Yorker

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